Arcane Studio

Arcane studio an Architecture firm Startup

Arcane Studio
Arcane Studio

Arcane studio est. in 2017 it is a start-up firm headed by 2 partners, the basic aim of the firm is to provide the healthy and neat environment to the persons related to that place or existing, whether it is a commercial area or residential area. The design comes from sense only when the concerned person is able to make use of it and aforesaid were some principles on which the firm is working day and night to provide the sustainable and eco-friendly environment to the future inhabitants.

The name of the firm “Arcane” means ‘one of a kind’ itself represents the uncommon factors which make our firm different from other, designs, principles, factors and several things which are different from other firms.

Our firm has already worked upon some residential, commercial and landscape projects. Our firm basically provides art and architecture, I.e designing, interior design, exterior design, and execution too.

Founded by Ar. Ashish Nigam & Ar. Mohit Jangid

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