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Poori Shaadi a Wedding expert aggregator startup

Poori shaadi
Poori shaadi

It all began with Anna Andolan way back in 2011. A delhite from shahdra was carrying out his career wherein he was not satisfied with what he did-An usual 9-5 job never attracted him, he wanted to something which can change lives, which can give him his goal of life and as a return gift, he can give God for bringing him to this world.

He was doing small events of weddings where he got to meet many people, see the real problems faced in the wedding industry, an event where people spent most of their lives income. Anna Andolan was also at its peak where people from all corners of our country came and gave in their contribution to this huge revolution against corruption.

Manish too thought he too should spare his little time to help the nation build a corruption free India. He too joined in..

Somewhere in the other part of the country was also a small town girl Amrita who too thought the same and traveled a thousand miles to give her hands in Indian revolution, she wanted to change the world always and this was a great opportunity. Anna Andolan was an inspiration for many and also a box where many like minds met. All wanted to change lives and do something great.

Amrita and Manish both shared common interests and also had a good bonding, it was a turning point in their lives.since politics was not their cup of tea, they then moved to start their career. They thought to work on a bigger scale to change the lives of people on their own field. Since Manish had prior experience of weddings too, they started to see from the bottom line,find the real problems people face,people get 4 lines on the wedding day because of the problems they face for whole wedding planning, Also a lot of money being spent people are not able to enjoy the wedding of their family by themselves.

So came Poori Shaadi – venture which can solve people problems of weddings, since they knew the pain points people face in problems and the unpredictability of vendors and their work they knew what they needed to solve, Poori Shaadi gave a complete solution to it.

As researched the team found that 30% of the people’s income went to the wedding but still it is not spent properly and the still organized wedding is not received. Indians take weddings as a lifetime event and spent lakhs of rupees on it. So poori Shaadi brought in a platform wherein the gap is minimized between the vendors and the customers and also provide a transparency and predictability of work quality. It is the oyo of weddings The unpredictability of vendors of wedding services are removed as they will be given a standardization. They will also get a tag line of poori Shaadi experts. Customers will get localized and on budget vendors and vice versa. Poori Shaadi by the end of 2017 aims to cover 10 major cities and also targets the small cities. We at present have 12 services of weddings. Poori Shaadi will also give the experts the poori Shaadi expert board on their work premises. Currently the startup is bootstrapped and in talks with the investors for funding. Poori Shaadi is as the name denotes one its first innovative service provider aggregator for weddings. We are currently busy expanding it for more milestones. We are also registered under startup India and recommended by IAN.

 This Wedding Planer Startup has been founded by 

Manish Mishra &  Amrita Kar

Manish mishra
Manish Mishra
Amrita kar
Amrita Kar











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