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Anaiah Films an Ad Film production house Startup

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Anaiah Films was earlier named Arsa then. He set up this company long back in 2012 with just a frame set of doing photography and videography and with a bunch of my friends I started working for a wedding, food and as well as corporate. Later on, a friend of mine helped me in thinking the much broader picture and my capabilities and told me to leave Mumbai. I left the entire thing and switch to my father’s business for a while but that urge to do in terms of creativity never stopped in me. I left IIT just for the creative industry. I came to Delhi to start something at a big level and much broader outlook. I restarted Arsa and got a new team and started the development of app [ a platform much broader than Urban Clap and much advance] Arsa soon started IT Solutions in 2015 and started hiring freelancers from all part of the world and Internshaala and many agencies and colleges were of big help. In 2017, Arsa changed its name to Anaiah with Gurpreet my friend since a long time came onboard. He has a history and creative background and a great photographer. Anaiah today is a global platform where freelancers work with us on a project basis with a clientele globally spread. Very soon our app will be live and an individual can showcase, get hired, learn, give jobs and can do as many things as possible in terms of the creative world. Anaiah is building a world of its own where no caste, creed or religion comes. It’s pure creativity and the zeal to create something new. As the theme of our start-up speaks, to inspire people. We would request a quote or two to inspire the new-gen Entrepreneurs.

The name is Anaiah (In the Hebrew language it means God’s Gift) Anaiah Films was setup long time back in 2012 in Mumbai by Arpit Goyal and has recently shifted its office in Noida and partnered with Gurpreet Singh. It operates from 9 am in the morning to 8 pm in the evening.

Some business doesn’t need investors and all it needs an impressive client base and like the minded team to take it up to the next level. I guess team building is the most important crucial role in setting up the business. Our main aim is to set up a platform where each amateur creative personnel who can not only showcase its talent but make a mark globally. We only hire people who actually have talent irrespective of their experiences to share their zeal for creativity and to get a little touch of freshness in our work. Our team of freelancers is from all around the world.

When I was in Mumbai learning filmmaking I had to face many struggles and see the people who actually have talent wasn’t hired at first place due to lack of financial, team or contacts. I set up my company out there in Mumbai then with a bunch of amateurs in early 2012. After working with many freshers, I found all the time these talented people comes up with something new and something fresh which can actually be really good. So I started putting all my efforts on building a platform where people is not gonna be judged according to their work experience, money, fame or contacts. If you have talent and can bring some freshness and a little extra edge of creativity than Anaiah is always open. Anaiah is basically a God Gift, a platform where creative people gets hire on a project basis and sooner after the App goes life can be hired globally. Spreading that extra edge of creativity will be the contribution from Anaiah to the world.


Founder: Arpit Goyal

Arprit goyal
Arpit goyal

As the theme of our start-up speaks, to inspire people. We would request a quote or two to inspire the new-gen Entrepreneurs.

“Just don’t wander away, Stay there, If everything was going smoothly you would never build a character. “

“When you start from nothing when you come from nothing, It makes you more hungry…it makes you want more…So be proud of that hunger..Be proud of wanting more “

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