Bakkal Designs Startup

Bakkal Designs a Multi Design Service Startup

“BAKKAL DESIGNS” is a start-up Design firm. It provides services such as Logo Designing, Graphics Designing, Interior Designing, Furniture Designing.

For 2 years the company will do the majority of work in Graphics Designing and Logo Designing and Minimum work in Interior Designing and Furniture Designing. (Minimum Work includes: AutoCAD work, SketchUp Model making and Rendering, 3DS MAX Model making and Rendering, Photoshop Rendering, Architectural Rendering etc).

Bakkal Designs Startup
Bakkal Designs Startup

After 2 years of successful service and getting a Business Experience the company will start doing the majority of work in Interior, Furniture and Product Design field. ( Majority of Work includes: Actual INTERIOR SPACE/SITE Designing, Furniture Designing, and Product Designing).

Soon it will also start an “Online Design Trading Services” after having a Successful 2-3 years of Experience.

GOAL: The Aim/Goal of this startup company is to provide GOOD, PROFESSIONAL, PRECISE Design services to its Customer or Clients at a Reasonable Price.

“To Design and Innovate Something Useful Service for the World.”

Also to offer Job Opportunities to the Underrated Designers who can’t value their Own Designs or Work.


SAMIR BAKKAL is a Design Student, Founder, and Owner of “BAKKAL DESIGNS.”

He is currently perceiving his degree in INTERIOR DESIGNING!

He is in the Second Year of his Academic year!

He has good knowledge of Graphics Designing, Logo Designing with 3 years of Experience!

He is also Good at Architectural as well as Graphic Designing Software’s which he wants to use this as his main Skills.

He’d be handling the Start-up Company “BAKKAL DESIGNS” as well his Studies side by side for 2 years and after having the Interior, furniture, product Designing Knowledge! He will be adding interior, furniture, and product designing services later to his Company i.e after 2 years.

And may also start a new “FURNITURE DESIGN COMPANY” which Design and Sell Designer Furniture after a Great Success!

“DEGREE does not mean to me anything as long as I have the required knowledge, Skills and Will to do something on my own independently!”  – Samir Bakkal



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